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"Music to me is the commitment i could never have otherwise."

I am an India based music producer, composer, song-writer and DJ.

I have always thought of music as a language more than anything else. A language that has always understood me in every situation and made me feel only better if not the same.

I've been into music since the age of three when I first touched the keys of a keyboard and later developed a sense of music gradually. It was in 2014 when I got introduced to the world of electronic music and that is when I knew that this is what I had to make. It took me around two years to understand FL Studio and to be honest there's no end to learning in music. Everyday I learn something new. Music is a language, a story,  a commitment and a very beautiful journey within itself.

I am currently a deep house/electronica/indie music producer. Looking forward for a successful and happy journey with my music. Peace!

Clubs and Events

SMIT - Kaalrav Festival | De La Soul - Lost in Paradise, Afterlife Vol. 1 | KC's Bar and Restaurant - Sundowners | Pumproom Sunsets - 002


Electronica, Melodic Techno, Melodic House, Indie & Pop (Production Only), Film Scoring